Joshghoon Noor Lighting and Medical Equipment Company

This production unit, with a history of nearly half a century, is one of the oldest active units in the field of lighting industry in the country; During its activity period, always relying on customer orientation and looking to the future, has an upward trend, and by the grace of God in the future, by continuing the same path and relying on the efforts and experience of its managers and employees, the honor of being in the front row Will have service.

We recall a few decades ago when we did not find a usable domestic product market to supply lighting for our newly built workshop and were forced to use foreign products; And today we are thankful that we are one of the independent domestic producers that not only meets the needs of the country at the level of international standards, but also has a high potential for exporting products.

Today, the company with a suitable production and office space and modern machinery and equipment within the framework of known standards with the following sections:

1- Metal parts hall (cutting, punching, bending, “CNC”, pressing, welding and assembly)

2- Hall for production of aluminum parts

3- Electronic parts production hall (electronic ballasts and parts required for medical equipment)

4- Aluminum casting unit and plastic injection material (production of required aluminum and plastic parts)

5- Machining unit – design and manufacture of molds and parts (this company cooperates with Tabriz University of Islamic Arts in the field of industrial design)

6- Conveyor electrostatic powder paint salon

7- Electricity unit and final assembly and control

8- Quality control unit and administrative department

Joshghoon Noor tries to produce and supply various and quality products in the field of lighting industries and medical and electronic equipment and industrial parts; Hoping for the pride and success of production and producers in all fields.

For the concept and name of the company, refer to the page “Name of Joshgoon Industries”


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